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    Publisert 03.02.2015 klokka 12:28 i kategorien Blogg

Heey ! Today I will show somethings that interest me. I like to make design on cakes and beautiful clothes that fits together.

This is a chocolate cake for a wedding with some fancy roses.

A nice outfits you can yous in the summer f.eks.

Some sexy summer outfits, mabye to the holiday.

Hope you like it :)

See yah soom !


A little about me!

    Publisert 27.01.2015 klokka 13:04 i kategorien Blogg

Hey! my name is Rosiris, i`m 17 years old. I`m adopted from Colombia, and love to bake and dance to music. I will learn you more about me later in the blogg.

Here will I write something about my life and what i`m intresert in.

Hope you like it :)

see yah !

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Hi, I'm Rosiris. Here I write things that inspire me from day to day.



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